SmilePen develops and distributes worldwide premium teeth whitening products such as  SmilePen Whitening Pen as well as in-office products for professional dentistry. SmilePen, Switzerland's provider of cosmetic teeth whitening. We offer high-quality premium whitening products and dental cosmetics and inspire our customers time and again with the brilliant white result of our products. 


Smilepen wanted to cover more business they needed the high-end customers and bigger market, therefore, they required a completely new experience (based on their existing data) and look (brand identity) for their desktop and mobile. Of course, the focus was more on the mobile due to the higher conversion rate. 



They needed the same site architecture as the existing website but at the same time, they wanted to do some addition to the products in a way that can highlight their new products and boost their sales. The wanted to introduce the bundles and complete kits of their products. 

New digital visual identity for mobile and desktop experience but not jumping out of their product packaging style. They didn't want to spend money on designing all the packages for their products once again.  



SmilePen’s new approach is the high-end people, who believe more in quality than the price. The people who are not easy to convince with the cheap prices and the people who need reliable products.

Existing identity

Rather than having any devise identity, the Brand has a random dull blue color, not enough to express what its products are actually resulting in people.

New face

Smilepen is already selling good products, all they needed is support from the new identity which can help them to gain people's trust. They needed a confident, clean, straightforward, trustworthy and joyful identity. I helped them with it!


I researched on the related and the unrelated brands that communicate the same values as their business. I compared their visual styles, typography, and imagery to present Smilepen how each brand is being consistent and identical with their audience. 

image 3


Based on the research, I presented different fonts and imagery styles. I started with the stock imagery but to achieve their own identity it was very important for them to have their own imagery. I presented them few ideas for the new shoot and products and thankfully they dropped the idea of using the stock images. They hired a great photo studio to help them with imagery.

image 4

Site architecture

With the new identity, smilepen also wanted to create a better experience for their online platforms. By following their analytical data, doing the competitor analysis, and having a deep discussion with the team I suggested them new user journey for the mobile and desktop

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